Understanding Nutrition

Eating the right foods helps your body maintain its health and perform at an optimal level. Some of the benefits of good nutrition include:

How Nutrition Can Help Me

Reducing depression and anxiety
Balancing digestion
Creating a healthy relationship with food
Maintaining a weight that is right for your body
Enhancing the immune system
Increasing energy level, sense of well-being and vitality

What Nutrition Can Do For Me

Successes from Previous Clients:
Decrease in depression and anxiety
Improved digestion and gut health-less gas, bloating and reflux
Lowered inflammation
Decreased stress and stress eating
Weight loss of 20 pounds and more
Better quality sleep
Understanding of what foods work best for your body

How Health and Wellness Coaching Can Help Me

Discovering your vision of optimal holistic health and wellness in body, mind and spirit
Understanding of positive psychology and how to use it in your daily life
Clarifying your personalized health goals
Motivating to continue to achieve and maintain goals
Increasing self-awareness

What aspects of my life does wellness coaching address?

Movement, Exercise and Rest
Mind-Body Connection
Relationships and Communication
Physical Environment
Personal and Professional Development