Nutrition for Mental Health

Improve Your Food-Improve Your Mood

There is a strong connection between what we eat and how we feel. Not only does the food we eat fuel our bodies, it fuels our brains as well.
Here are some of the things we will explore together:
• Are you taking in the needed nutrients to feed your brain and build the neurotransmitters to help regulate your mood?
• Is chronic inflammation reducing your ability to property digest and absorb you food and affecting your brain and nervous system?
• Do your gut and brain communicate efficiently and effectively?

Mindful Eating & Gut Health for Adoptees

Tune in to your body-Free your mind

Evidence-based studies suggest that disordered eating and mental health issues are globally much higher for adoptees than average. Mindfulness and intuitive eating practices can be key to helping us return to our center.
Here are some of the things we will explore together:
• What and Why and I eating and how does it feel in my body?
• Is my hunger physical or emotional hunger?
• What am I really hungry for?

Integrative Wellness Coaching

Clarify your goals-Change your life

Every one of us is unique and has our own bio-individuality, which influences the choices we make in our life. Getting clear on our motivations, setting goals and having a consistent and supportive accountability partner can be the key to achieving positive changes in our lives. We can help you create a clear roadmap of where you want to go.
Here are some of the things we will explore together:
• What aspects of my life (body, mind and spirit) do I want to improve?
• What are my personal strengths and how can I leverage them to help me achieve my goals?
• What is supporting me in my life and what do I need to let go of?

Workplace Wellness

Healthy Workplace-Healthy Life

We spend a lot of our waking hours at work. Evidence shows that creating a healthy workplace culture improves not only each person’s individual health, but the overall health of the organization at large. Our customized programs help people adopt healthier habits and motivate them to set and achieve long term goals.
Our programs include:
• Address the foundational principals of health including nutrition, physical activity and stress management.
• Customization to each organization of their specific wants and needs.
• Education on how to change behaviors in the long term.

What are some of the things included in a nutrition session?

• Assessment of current diet and nutrition
• In depth review of lab results
• Information about healing foods
• Personalized nutrition plan including recipes and meal planning suggestions
• Medical grade herb and supplement recommendations if needed
• Lifestyle recommendations encompassing movement, stress, sleep, mindfulness and self-care
• Understanding of healthy shopping, cooking and eating
• Suggestions on meal planning and food preparation
• Improved relationship with food
• Mindfulness practices to use throughout the day
• Motivation to use food as medicine in your daily life

What are some of the things included in a coaching?

• Personalized health plan
• Assistance in creation of goals
• Wellness Inventory to guide what you want to do
• Accountability in helping you get where you want to go
• Education on how to build new habits
• Inspiration to tap into your inner motivation

We also see a variety of other health concerns. Please feel free to contact us for more information.