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Hi, I’m Suanne, and I work with people who want to use nutrition to improve mental health and digestive wellness. Through compassionate, evidence-based nutrition coaching, we work together to create a personalized care plan for you.

My Services


Free Discovery Call

Share Your Concerns & Goals

We see a variety of teen and adult health concerns.

Initial Consultations

Customize a Plan For You

After our Discovery Call, we start with a 75-90 minute comprehensive evaluation to better understand your needs and goals, history, and current lab work (if any). After the evaluation, you will receive a personalized care plan and recommendations for next steps.

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Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating Sessions

Tune in to Your Body • Free Your Mind

Explore what and why you eat, how eating feels in your body, physical and emotional hunger, and more.

Digestive Wellness Sessions

Clarify Your Goals • Change Your Life


Mental Health Sessions

Improve Your Food • Improve Your Mood

Insurance & Billing

Most health insurance plans cover nutrition counseling, and Restore Wellness is currently in-network with Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Please click here for directions on how to verify your coverage levels, and feel free to contact us for more information.


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If my holistic, direct, non-judgmental approach sounds like a good fit, and you’re ready to make life-lasting changes, schedule a Discovery Call today.


Suanne's advice has been practical and very helpful. She listened to my needs - not just nutritionally, but with consideration of cost, ease of implementation, and personal preferences. I am not only very pleased, but grateful for her help in designing a comprehensive nutrition and wellness plan for management of a chronic health challenge.
Sallie Rediske
Anchorage, AK
Suanne has a knack for understanding people and understanding issues. When she pairs those skills with her nutritional knowledge, you are bound to get the best possible outcome. I recommend her services to anyone who is interested in nutrition.
Alena R.
Belgrade, MT.
Suanne helped me tremendously in finding out what is the best nutritional course for my body, my life style and also for my emotional health. I learned a lot from her about food and its nutritional values, supplements and modifying my life style all of which support my goal of feeling better. She customizes my diet and I have a much better understanding what nourishes me.
Dagmar R