Electrolyte Lemonade: A Healing and Refreshing Beverage for Spring

restore wellness lemonadeSpring is the season of new growth and renewal.  It’s also the time for cleaning and getting rid of things we accumulated in our lives that no longer serve us.  At Restore Wellness Nutrition, we encourage the lightening of our loads by adding foods to the diet that boost the body’s natural detoxification liver pathways.  When the liver functions in an efficient way, it  increases our overall health and wellness.

Lemons are one of the foods that helps to stimulate digestive juices and signal the liver to flush out toxins.  Drinking electrolyte lemonade is a hydrating and delicious way to get more lemons in your diet.  The following recipe is from Dr. David Jubb, an expert in the healing properties of raw foods.

Several notes on the preparation of this beverage.  When peeling on the lemons, remove the yellow outer peel however be sure to include some of the white pith underneath the peel in your beverage.  This pith is very high in flavonoids and antioxidants, which are extremely beneficial to the prevention of numerous diseases.  The pith can taste bitter to people until you become used to it.  Experiment with leaving as much as the pith on as you can, while maintaining a good tasting beverage.

Use filtered, spring or well water to create this beverage.  The goal of drinking this beverage is to help purify your body and using water that contains toxins defeats the purpose.  Adding the sea salt includes valuable vitamins and minerals to this drink, so be sure not to leave it out.  Read my past post for more information on the health benefits of sea salt.

As you begin to incorporate this drink into your life, begin with 4-6 oz and pay attention to how it feels in your body. I often recommend that when people first try something new in their diet to introduce it gradually and incrementally increase the amount for a gentle transition for your body.    Enjoy this refreshing and health promoting drink.

Electrolyte Lemonade

3 lemons, yellow outer peel removed, some of the white pith remaining

5 Tbsp healthy oil (flax, olive, coconut)

1 organic pear or apple

1/2 tsp of sea salt

filtered water to fill the blender about 3″ from the top

6 Tbsp (or to taste) of raw honey or maple syrup

Add all ingredients, except sweetener, to a blender and blend well.  Add sweetener gradually to taste.




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