Lightness of Being: A Tribute to Tricia McCauley

I write this first post of 2017 with a heavy heart.  Trisha McCauley, one of my grad school nutrition mentors, was senselessly and violently assaulted and murdered on Christmas day in Washington DC.  As the horrible details of her disappearance and death come to light, it awakens in me a deep sense of vulnerability and fear to the pain and sorrow that life inevitably delivers.

Part of my process is to be present to these feelings, which I have done since I first heard the terrible news of her abduction and murder.  Another part of my process is to be present to the light and joy that came from knowing Tricia during her brief time on the planet.  This post is dedicated to the qualities of Tricia’s bright spirit, the positive impact they had on my life and how they can benefit us all. Continue reading “Lightness of Being: A Tribute to Tricia McCauley”

Take Time for Connection with Others

Purple heart in gentle hands

It’s been an intense week for Americans.  The country has  been increasingly on edge as we have traveled the long, bumpy emotional road towards this presidential election.  I think many will agree this process has taken a significant toll on people.  The word I hear repeatedly used in conversation to describe this is exhaustion.

One of the antidotes for exhaustion is meaningful connection.  When we connect with others it reminds us that we are all in this life together, which can provide a feeling of inclusion as opposed divisiveness.  Whether your candidate won or lost, it is important to remember that we are all human beings living on this planet, doing the best we can with the opportunities and tools available to us.  Connecting with others reminds us that we are all in this together and helps us to feel less alone and vulnerable. Continue reading “Take Time for Connection with Others”