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Transform Your Relationship with Food

Tune into the Wisdom of Your Body

Hi, I’m Suanne, and I work with people who want to use nutrition to improve mental health and digestive wellness. Through compassionate, evidence-based nutrition counseling, we work together to create a personalized care plan for you.

My Areas of Specialty

Eating Disorders & Dysfunctional Eating Behavior

Explore your specific relationship with food in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. Personalized nutrition recommendations and lifestyle changes are created for your specific needs from a foundation of wellness and a non-diet approach.

Digestive Wellness

Investigate why your GI symptoms are not improving or getting worse using a systematic, evidence based approach. We explore the health of your GI tract to help determine what interventions can get you feeling better.

Mental Health Stability

The foods you eat are a key player in the overall resilience of your mental health. Learn how to choose foods, little by little each day, to help feed and nourish your mental health and optimize your brain.

My Services


Free Discovery Call

Ask Questions and Share

During this 20 minute call you will have the opportunity to share your story and why you want to engage with nutrition counseling. You can get your questions answered while we get to know each other. At the end of this call, you will be clear on pricing and insurance billing, how nutrition counseling can help you, and the next step of booking an initial consultation. 

Initial Consultations

Customize a Plan For You

After our Discovery Call, we start with a 75-90 minute comprehensive evaluation to better understand your wants, needs and goals, history, and current lab work. After the evaluation, you will receive a personalized care plan and recommendations for next steps.

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Follow Up Appointments

Build on Your Plan

We will tweak and build on your personalized plan to help you thrive and continue to advance your wants, needs and goals.

Schedule a call to learn more

If my holistic, direct, non-judgmental approach sounds like a good fit, and you’re ready to make life-lasting changes, schedule a free Discovery Call or Initial Consultation today.


Exactly What I Needed

"Suanne is exactly what I needed in a nutritionist. She's both incredibly knowledgeable and very empathetic. She delivers feedback in a way that is empowering and kind without coming across as patronizing. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a nutritionist."

Practical and Helpful

"Suanne's advice has been practical and very helpful. She listened to my needs - not just nutritionally, but with consideration of cost, ease of implementation, and personal preferences. I am not only very pleased, but grateful for her help in designing a comprehensive nutrition and wellness plan for management of a chronic health challenge.​"

Healthier Choices

"Since working with Suanne, I have improved my ability to tune into my hunger cues as I get more used to eating regularly, and I'm getting more fruits and veggies into my diet. I'm also learning to make better choices when eating out."

A Better Understanding Of What Nourishes Me

"Suanne has a knack for understanding people and understanding issues. When she pairs those skills with her nutritional knowledge, you are bound to get the best possible outcome. I recommend her services to anyone who is interested in nutrition."

More Discerning

"I'm becoming more discerning on what I want to eat. Just because food is in front of me, I dont have to eat it."

I No Longer Think About Food 24/7

"I no longer think about food 24/7. I have a sense of mental relief that allows me to be in the moment.
I can now acknowledge my hunger cues and no longer need to set an alarm to help me remember to eat. If I eat and am still hungry, I can allow myself to get more food. If I am full, I can now leave food on my plate.
I no longer spend a large portion of my day talking about food and meal plans."

I Feel More Confident

"I feel more confident about what to eat and I'm eating more regularly throughout the day.
I now have a framework for eating that includes recipes that I can prepare without self doubt.
I know more about my condition of PCOS and things I can do to support it. "

Healthier Choices

"In working with Suanne, I'm learning to disentangle my feelings from my food and to recognize where I am with my emotional entanglement.
I'm also gaining awareness of my day and how that impacts my food choices.
Eating enough in the morning sets the template for my day."

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