Restore Wellness

Transform Your Relationship with Food

Tune into the Wisdom of Your Body

When you work with me you won't be counting calories, following fad diets or worrying about stepping on the scale. Instead, we will partner together in a supportive and judgment free environment to find the best plan that works for you.

Gain Clarity Around Food

Put an end to wading through all the nutrition info online on how to best nourish your body. I will help you build a new relationship with food. I have room in my schedule for new clients via telehealth.

Meet Suanne

Hi there, I’m Suanne and I help people transform their relationship with food.  Ive been in practice as a licensed nutritionist and health coach since 2014.  I have my MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health and have Board Certifications in Nutrition and Health Coaching.  I’m passionate about sharing ways for people to feel more comfortable with the food choices they make every day.

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  Let’s get to know each other and talk about your needs and goals. 


Suanne's advice has been practical and very helpful. She listened to my needs - not just nutritionally, but with consideration of cost, ease of implementation, and personal preferences. I am not only very pleased, but grateful for her help in designing a comprehensive nutrition and wellness plan for management of a chronic health challenge.
Sallie Rediske
Anchorage, AK
Suanne has a knack for understanding people and understanding issues. When she pairs those skills with her nutritional knowledge, you are bound to get the best possible outcome. I recommend her services to anyone who is interested in nutrition.
Alena R.
Belgrade, MT.
Suanne helped me tremendously in finding out what is the best nutritional course for my body, my life style and also for my emotional health. I learned a lot from her about food and its nutritional values, supplements and modifying my life style all of which support my goal of feeling better. She customizes my diet and I have a much better understanding what nourishes me.
Dagmar R

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