What is Integrative Nutrition?

  • A body, mind and spirit outlook on health which uses FOOD AS MEDICINE to move towards health.
  • A functional approach to healing which looks at the root cause of the problem as opposed to the symptom.  What’s really going on?
  • A view of you as a whole person as opposed to a list of conditions and diseases.
  •  A healing partnership in which we work together to create realistic and attainable nutrition and lifestyle goals.
  • An outlook that blends traditional wisdom and modern science.

Initial Nutritional Consultation – 75 minutes
After a discussion of your medical history and lifestyle preferences, Suanne works with you to discern what triggers are leading to imbalances in your health.  Examples of potential triggers include diet, physical activity, sleep patterns and stress levels. She uses her diagnostic and coaching skills to set customized wellness goals which are the basis for your path to improved health.

Follow Up Visits – 60 minutes
Depending upon the complexity of your needs and your desire for support, follow up visits vary in number.  A general wellness plan usually requires 2-3 follow up visits in order to meet your goals.

Consultations and Follow – Up Visits Include:

  • Analysis of complete health history including bloodwork and laboratory testing.
  • Dietary assessment and identification of nutritional imbalances.
  • Customized, attainable nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Recipes with healing foods and practical meal planning  information.
  • Educational materials to support your health goals.
  • Empowering success through coaching and health counselling.
  • Supplement and herbal recommendations as needed.
  • Development of mindfulness practices around hunger and eating.

Pantry Rehab – 60 minutes
food-healthy-vegetables-potatoesSuanne will come to your home, assess the contents of your pantry/kitchen and make recommendations for more healthful alternatives.  These recommendations will align with your created health goals and provide you with a practical and simpler way to implement them in the kitchen.