A Breakfast for Champions

Seeds.  Pumpkin, chia, flax and hemp, to name a few.   Seeds are often small but pack an oversized nutritional punch.  Rich in healthy essential Omega 3 fatty acids (meaning we have to get them from the foods we eat) and high in much needed vitamins and minerals, seeds are a healthy food to incorporate into your diet.

The following recipe is comprised almost entirely of seeds.  I often eat it for breakfast as it is a nourishing way to start the day.   I make it in large batches which I store in the refrigerator to have on hand.  Please adapt this recipe to your personal tastes.  Add in other things you like, for example sunflower seeds or nuts. Continue reading “A Breakfast for Champions”

Lightness of Being: A Tribute to Tricia McCauley

I write this first post of 2017 with a heavy heart.  Trisha McCauley, one of my grad school nutrition mentors, was senselessly and violently assaulted and murdered on Christmas day in Washington DC.  As the horrible details of her disappearance and death come to light, it awakens in me a deep sense of vulnerability and fear to the pain and sorrow that life inevitably delivers.

Part of my process is to be present to these feelings, which I have done since I first heard the terrible news of her abduction and murder.  Another part of my process is to be present to the light and joy that came from knowing Tricia during her brief time on the planet.  This post is dedicated to the qualities of Tricia’s bright spirit, the positive impact they had on my life and how they can benefit us all. Continue reading “Lightness of Being: A Tribute to Tricia McCauley”

Relax Instead of Restrict- Enjoy the Sweetness of the Holiday Season

As we rapidly approach the winter solstice on Dec 21st, which marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, I am compelled to reflect on the exit of 2016 and the unknown of the year to come.  For many of us, this last political cycle was a stressful roller coaster of intense emotional ups and downs.  The end result of  living under sustained stress is that it can impact our health in negative ways.  It takes awareness and conscious effort to change the narrative from a stressful one toward a more peaceful and relaxing way of being. Continue reading “Relax Instead of Restrict- Enjoy the Sweetness of the Holiday Season”